Kittelty's Auction Rooms
All correspondence to PO Box 1621 Ballaarat 3354
03 5332 2899

Kittelty’s Auction Rooms holds antiques and collectables auctions monthly on a Sunday and general household auctions monthly on a Wednesday. Click HERE for our auction calendar.
Auction 'guestimates' are freely given once items are delivered. It should be noted that we do not offer a free valuation service for people to sell to others or to sell using other methods.
It should be noted that it is the auctioneers sole motivation to achieve the best possible result for vendors.
Entries for any auction are invited from two days after the last auction up until the Friday of the week before the auction (eight days prior to an antique auction and four days prior to a general auction).
All details relating to commission and charges can be found here.
Cartage can be arranged but it should be noted the carriers charge independantly from the auction rooms.
Kittelty’s Auction Rooms remittances are payable in person by cheque on the Friday after any auction or by cheque sent by post the following week. Direct deposits will be made only on presentation of an original bank statement from the vendor whose name must match that of the account holder. PLEASE NOTE: - Australia Post minimum delivery time is FOUR DAYS Ballaarat to Ballaarat and possibly longer for other destinations.

Kittelty's Auction Rooms do not buy goods to resell.

Kittelty's Auction Rooms do not pay cash to vendors.

Kittelty's Auction Rooms do not pay vendors by cash cheques.

Catalogues are available for antique auctions no later than 10am on the Friday before the auction. Catalogues are available for general auctions no later than 7pm on the Tuesday before the Auction.
Digital photography is available on this site for items of interest and requests for more detailed photography will be met where possible.
Kittelty’s Auction Rooms maintains an extensive email list and sends our reminders prior to every antique auction. Click HERE to register for our email list.
Kittelty’s auction Rooms sells all goods as agents to the vendor.
On site clearing sales and special auctions in our rooms can be arranged, the commission is negotiable. Advertising for clearing sales and special auctions is charged at cost.

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